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General information

What does it cost to rent a coach?

Coach expenses depend on many variables.

Factors that affect the rental cost include:

Size of bus, duration of trip, length of tour, on board facilities, current price of diesel fuel, time of year for trip etc. Use our portal to get offers directly from our bus partners. BUS365 receives no comission, so you discuss details and questions about your trip directly with the respective provider.

When can I expect to receive an offer?

Our associated partners make you offers, not BUS365, so we rely on them to reply promptly. After we review your request, associated companies are notified directly of your request and also via email. Depending on season, you will receive quotes immediately or within a few days. The earlier you submit your request, the greater the variety of quotes you will receive!

Which coach operators does BUS365 work with?

With all associated and thus certified partners of OVZ Heidelberg GmbH. This means a bus pool of approx. 10,000 vehicles all over Europe.

Who uses BUS365 and how long has this website existed?

Our bus service began in 1980 with the coordination of companies (B2B). Meanwhile, we have successfully arranged over one hundred thousand groups. With the website of BUS365, we have created a platform on which schools, clubs, other groups and companies, which are not active in the tourism industry, can offer their travel inquiries free of charge and without obligation and thus rent a coach.

What advantages does BUS365 offer?

You can conveniently enter your trip/bus request from home to rent a coach. It will then be checked by us and put online. You will get offers from various bus companies, from which you can choose the best offer for you. This saves you a lot of time, and you do not have to ask and write to different bus companies yourself. If you are satisfied with an offer, conclude the lease for the bus directly with the appropriate bus company. So you do not incur any commission or agency fees.

Am I forced to accept an offer?

Of course not! Your request is without obligation and free of charge. You have no obligation to rent a coach. However, we ask you to remove your request after successful search for a suitable bus company to avoid further offers. We also appreciate a short rejection message to all received, but not considered offers.

Do I have to rent a coach with a driver?

The offers you will receive are inclusive of drivers. Enjoy being chauffeured safely and comfortably. You do not lend your car to strangers, right? Of course you can point out that you have your own driver. The bus company will then talk to you directly about this topic. But renting a bus is something other than chartering a rental car.

What could be the reason if I receive no or only a few offers on my request?

As in all sectors, there are seasonal demand peaks in the coach industry. For example the month of September falls in such a time. Many groups want to rent a coach and it may take a little while before you get an offer. The size of the group can also influence the number of offers. The maximum standard coach size is between 48 and 52 seats. Smaller and larger coaches are less common, including biplanes (68 seats and more). Since the demand for these vehicles is lower, these sizes are also less frequently represented in the fleet of individual bus companies. It is therefore all the more important that you enter your coach request as early as possible. Because every trip has to be planned and prepared. This applies to you as a group as well as for the bus operator.

A tip from us

You do not have a lodging yet? Take a look at our Hotel Search section. Or ask your bus company who usually knows hotels and can advise you on your search.

Country codes

AL = Albania    AND = Andorra    = Austria    BY = Belarus   
= Belgium    BIH = Bosnia and Herzegovina    BG = Bulgaria    HR = Croatia   
CY = Cyprus    CZ = Czech Republic    DK = Denmark    ET = Egypt   
EST = Estonia    FIN = Finland    = France    GE = Georgia   
= Germany    GB = Great Britain    GR = Greece    = Hungary   
IS = Iceland    IRL = Ireland    IL = Israel    = Italy   
KOS = Kosovo    LV = Latvia    FL = Lichtenstein    LT = Lithuania   
= Luxembourg    MK = Macedonia    = Malta    MD = Moldova   
MC = Monaco    MNE = Montenegro    MA = Morocco    NL = Netherlands   
= Norway    PL = Poland    = Portugal    RO = Romania   
RUS = Russia    RSM = San Marino    SRB = Serbia    SK = Slovakia   
SLO = Slovenia    = Spain    = Sweden    CH = Switzerland   
TN = Tunisia    TR = Turkey    UA = Ukraine   

Enter City / search city

At OVZ all cities have geo coordinates, i.e. they mark a point on the map. This way we can suggest appropriate coach operators based not only on date and bus size, but also on the route. That's why we request exact information on city of departure and destination.

The more specific your information about city of departure and destination is, the more exactly we can identify these cities. We generally assume that the cities are in Germany. For this reason, the country code must be given for all cities outside of Germany. Many cities have the same names, e.g. "Neustadt" in Germany and "F-Neuville" in France, so you should always indicate the postal code, if possible.

An exception is Great Britain, where postal codes are alphanumeric. For GB, therefore, please do not enter a postal code, but rather just "GB" plus the city, e.g. "GB-Edinburgh" or "GB-London".

For airports, please always enter the city first, then the word "Flughafen" (not "Airport"), e.g. "A-Wien Flughafen" or "F-Paris Orly Flughafen."
Cities that begin with "Saint" are always abbreviated to "St.", followed by a blank space, e.g. "A-St. Gallen" or "I-St. Bernhard."

In the following European countries we have only the most important or largest cities / regions in our database:

BG/Bulgaria DK/Denmark EST/Estonia FIN/Finland 
GR/Greece HR/Croatia LV/Latvia LT/Lithuania 
N/Norway PL/Poland P/Portugal S/Sweden 
SRB/Serbia SK/Slovakia E/Spain CZ/Czech Republic 

If a city is not listed, please let us know immediately so that we can include it.

Our city database currently includes approx. 90,000 cities and regions with postal codes and geodata.

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